PIONEER Safety Boot

R 479.95 ZAR

Introducing the PIONEER Safety Boot, a top-performing piece of safety footwear designed for workers in any industry. These boots are made with a combination of leather and durable materials to provide the ultimate protection and comfort for your feet.

The PIONEER Safety Boot features a steel toe-cap and midsole for maximum protection against sharp objects and impacts. The wide profile carbon steel toe-cap is rated at 200 joules, providing extra protection for your toes. The upper is crafted from bartan print leather and the inner sole is removable for added comfort. The laces are made of nylon, while the collar is lined with PU foam to provide extra cushioning.

The duel density polyurethane sole provides excellent traction, even in slippery conditions, and is resistant to temperatures of up to 90°C. The boots are also oil and stroke resistant, crack-resistant, and anti-static, making them perfect for use in harsh environments.

These boots have been tested and certified to meet the standard CE EN ISO20345:2014-SBP and have been approved by the NRCS with the approval number NRCS/9002/287675/00010. They come in sizes UK 3-14, making them suitable for a wide range of foot sizes.

Invest in the best with the PIONEER Safety Boot, offering superior protection, comfort, and style for workers in any industry.

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