25L Anatomical Container ( Bin + Disposal)

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AnatomicalĀ Waste Disposal Bin: Anatomical waste is any pathological specimens, biopsy specimens, and tissue is taken during surgery or autopsy or treatment of a patient including:

  • Limbs
  • Organs
  • Placentas
  • Biopsy specimens
  • Pathological specimens
  • Body tissue from surgery, lab testing, autopsy
  • Animals

And is treated as a high sensitivity waste stream and is incinerated in line with legislative requirements.Ā Anatomical waste from operating theatres needs special containers, must be stored, transported, and disposed of as hazardous waste to prevent any risks to human health or to the environment. When the speci bin is full (reaching the limit indicated on the speci bin container), they can be disposed.

Our containers are specifically and exclusively used for storing of anatomical waste as per category of waste generated. Our containers are designed to protect Health care providers. All our speci bins are approved by SABS to collect and dispose of anatomical waste.


  • Wide opening for easy disposal
  • Each Speci Bin with lid is manufactured from quality plastic
  • Used for the safe disposal of anatomical waste such as any identifiable body parts, body tissue from surgery
  • Each Speci Bin is well-marked to ensure safe handling and storage
  • Clip down lids
  • Traditional-designed round shape
  • Leak proof and puncture resistant
  • Definite closure
  • Comprehensive label details
  • Safe to human health and environment
  • Single Use

Used for:
Used for the disposal of limbs, organs, placentas, biopsy specimens, pathological specimens.

How to Use:
1. Installationā€”Fasten the transparent lid downwards to the speci bin body (requiring some strength), then you can use it.
2. Easy for Useā€” dispose of limbs, organs, placentas, biopsy specimens, pathological specimens directly.
3. Permanently closureā€”Seal the speci bin once done.
4. Strong and durableā€”The speci bin is made of new high-density polypropylene material without PVC, which holds properties of no leakage, no rupture, puncture resistance and no normal opened after permanently closing.

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