2.5L Sharps Container (Container & Waste Disposal)

R 122.40 ZAR
SKU sku - 0002.5lsn

Protect those who matter most with our 2.5L Sharps Container, a compact powerhouse designed to eliminate sharps disposal worries and safeguard your home or workspace.

Enjoy a seamless experience with its unwavering safety features and nationwide convenience:

Uncompromising Safety:

    • Puncture-proof construction and a secure snap-lock lid prevent accidental needle sticks and spills, prioritizing safety for everyone.
    • Biohazard markings clearly identify the contents, ensuring proper handling and safe disposal.

Experience the MNE SafePoint Difference:

    • Backed by years of expertise from MNE Waste Management, a trusted leader in safe and responsible sharps disposal solutions.
    • Prioritizes environmental stewardship and ensures your waste is handled with the utmost care, every step of the way.

Invest in Confidence Today:

Click "Add to Cart" now and take control of your sharps disposal with our 2.5L Sharps Container. Experience a safer, simpler, and more compliant solution.

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