1L Sharps Container (Container & Waste Disposal)

R 132.00 ZAR
SKU sku - 000001lsn

MNE Waste Management introduces the MNE SafeGuard 1L Sharps Container: your one-stop solution for safe and compliant sharps disposal, nationwide in South Africa! Tired of worrying about accidental punctures or improper waste disposal? This 1L, puncture-resistant container takes the hassle out of handling used needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharps.

What makes MNE SafeGuard special?

    • All-in-one convenience: Purchase the container, and we handle the rest!
    • Nationwide service: We collect your full bin from anywhere in South Africa.
    • Safe and responsible disposal: MNE ensures proper treatment and incineration of your sharps waste.
    • Peace of mind: Focus on what matters, knowing your sharps are handled responsibly.
    • Easy online ordering: Get MNE SafeGuard delivered straight to your door.

MNE SafeGuard is perfect for:

    • Healthcare facilities (clinics, hospitals, home care)
    • Tattoo and piercing studios
    • Diabetes management
    • Veterinary clinics
    • Any household using sharps (e.g., insulin injections)

Invest in your safety and the environment with MNE SafeGuard. Order yours today!

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