PIONEER Type 4/5/6 Coverall

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The Polypropylene Coated Bi-PP/PE Spun Bound Non-Woven Suit is a versatile and economical protective suit that offers protection against particles such as asbestos, brick, dust, and light aerosol mist. The suit is made from a lightweight and breathable polypropylene material that is perfect for use in warm temperatures.

The one-piece elasticated hood, cuffs, back, and ankles offer a comfortable fit, while the overlocked seams and zip up front provide durability and easy access. This suit is ideal for use in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, industrial and maintenance, electric assembly, asbestos removal, ship cleaning, spray painting, mining, wood and metal processing, hygiene, cleaning, food, factories, households, and hospitals.

The optimised weight fabric provides good mechanical strength and barrier protection, making it suitable for use in light spray environments. The anti-static treatment eliminates static build up, making it safe for use in sensitive environments. This suit meets the Type 4 EN14605 - spray tight suit, Type 5 EN ISO 13982-1 - dry particle suit, and Type 6 EN13034 - reduced spray suit standards.

Available in white color and sizes M-3XL, the Polypropylene Coated Bi-PP/PE Spun Bound Non-Woven Suit is an essential piece of protective gear for workers who need protection and comfort on the job.

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