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Elevate Every Circumcision Procedure: The All-in-One Care Kit for Peak Efficiency

Transform your practice with the ultimate male circumcision care kit! This meticulously curated set eliminates the hassle of gathering supplies, allowing you to focus entirely on patient care.

Experience the Difference:

  • Organized Efficiency: Our four-compartment tray keeps everything neatly organized for a streamlined workflow. No more scrambling for instruments mid-procedure!
  • Premium Quality: We've meticulously selected high-grade medical supplies, ensuring optimal performance and patient comfort.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: From sutures and scalpels to advanced wound care items, this kit boasts everything you need for a successful procedure.
  • Sterilization Confidence: Each instrument arrives pre-sterilized in convenient packaging, minimizing prep time and maximizing safety.

This kit boasts:

  • A spacious 4-compartment preparation tray (28x19x3cm) for ultimate organization.
  • Top-of-the-line instruments like safety scalpels, forceps, needle holders, and a syringe.
  • Essential supplies like sutures, alcohol swabs, paper tape, and a lamidrape for a sterile environment.
  • Advanced wound care products including gauze swabs and crepe paper for optimal patient comfort.
  • Multiple glove sizes for a perfect fit for any medical professional.
  • Peace of mind with EO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilization for each instrument.

Invest in Efficiency. Invest in Patient Care.

Our all-in-one circumcision care kit empowers you to deliver exceptional results while prioritizing comfort and safety. Order yours today and experience the difference!


4 compartment preparation plastic tray,28x19x3cm
• 1pc Paranet (Parrafin) gauze,10cmx10cm
• 2pc alcohol swab 2pc
• 2pc suture, braided synthetic, 3/0, 75cm, reverse cut needle, 26mm
• 1pc paper tape, 1.25cmx3m
• 1pc syringe, 10ml, without needle
• 2pc needle 23g and 21g (blue)
• 1pc safety scalpel size 23
• 1pc Plastic forcep, 12.5cm
• 1pc forcep, 20cm with 6cm grab area
• 1pc forcep mosquito, straight 14cm
• 1pc needle holder & scissors combination 14cm
• 1pc mosquito forcep curved, 14cm
• 2pkt gauze swab, 10x10cm, 5pc/pk, 19x15/40's, 12ply, fold
• 1pair surgical glove, powdered free, large, 8#
• 1 pair surgical glove, powdered free, medium, 7.5#
• 1pc disposable lamidrape “O” shaped drape, 100cmx75cm, 55g
• 2pc apron PVC plastic, 100x70cm
• 2pc examination glove, powdered free, large
• 1pc crepe paper, 60x60cm, 60g blue
• 1pc EO (Ethelene Oxide) Sterilisation strip

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