10L Sharps Bin (Container & Waste Disposal)

R 182.55 ZAR
SKU sku - 00010lsn

Looking for a quick and safe way to dispose of used needles? Look no further than our 10L Sharps Bin!

Easily mountable on walls, doors, and counters, our containers provide a repository to reduce the risk of spreading blood-borne infections. SABS-approved and designed to protect healthcare providers, each bin features a wide opening, clip-down lid, and durable, leak-proof, and puncture-resistant design. Perfect for needles, scalpel blades, syringes, and infusion sets, these bins are essential for medical waste management. Keep your clinics and wards clean and tidy with our range of easy-to-use Sharps Bins. The secure lid minimizes environmental contamination and accidental needle-sticks, providing a crucial layer of safety in healthcare settings.

Don't wait - get yours today and enjoy the convenience of wall-mounting and easy disposal. It's the perfect choice for all your medical waste management needs.

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