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MNE Waste Management

Medical waste and medical equipment disposal.


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MNE Waste Management offers medical waste, plant hire and ppe supply to millions of shoppers across the UK.

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Free limited features for individuals

  • Medical waste disposal

  • Plant hire and procurement

  • PPE supply

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Basic features for individuals and small teams

  • Medical waste disposal

  • Plant hire and procurement

  • PPE supply

$10 /mo

Premium features for individuals and teams

  • Medical waste disposal

  • Plant hire and procurement

  • PPE supply

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"I see this company as a one stop shop for all of the above."

Jane Cooper - CEO SomeCompany

"I am a medical waste company. I needed to find a service for my medical waste collection and removal needs. MNE Waste Management offered the best deal and I couldn't be happier with the service."

John Doe - CEO SomeCompany

"My business is waste management and after my business was terminated due to lack of work, I used their services for the first time. They helped me out very much and it was a great service."

John Smith - CEO SomeCompany