PIONEER Dust Mask FFP2 Valve

R 229.69 ZAR
SKU EP006-1

The PIONEER Dust Mask FFP2 Valve is a high-quality respiratory mask designed for workers who demand the best. With its main body construction made up of a combination of non-woven PET and two layers of meltblown filter fabric, this mask provides effective filtration against dust and other particles.

Comfort is a key feature of this mask, with its inner foam seal ensuring a secure and comfortable fit during extended use. The adjustable head straps allow for a customizable fit, while the one-way plastic valve helps to reduce hot air build up, making it perfect for activities such as cutting, sanding, and drilling.

Meeting the EN149:2001 standard and with an NPF (Nominal Protection Factor) rating of 50, this mask is certified for use in the workplace and has been approved by the NRCS with approval number NRCS/8072/0179.

This pack of 20 masks comes in a box, with 200 boxes in a carton, providing you with the convenience and quantity you need for your work. Trust the PIONEER Dust Mask FFP2 Valve for your respiratory protection needs.

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