Medical Waste Disposal - What You Need To Know!

Medical Waste Disposal - What You Need To Know!

Although most medical waste is generated at hospitals and clinics, many other companies are responsible for generating medical waste. All companies need a plan for disposing of this type of waste.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Blood-Borne Pathogens Standard aims to protect employees who work in occupations where they are at risk of exposure to blood or potentially infectious materials.

Despite the regulations, laws, and potential fines from OSHA, HIPAA, the FDA, or the EPA; if medical waste is not disposed of properly it can pose a health threat to staff members, patients and customers

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Dental Offices/Oral Surgeons – While dentists and oral surgeons use the same equipment as hospitals, there is a need for containers and disposal plans to deal with contaminated materials.

If a beauty salon has needles, any gauze or tissues that come into contact with blood need to be treated as medical waste according to OSHA standards.

Ironically, many pharmacies provide safe vaccines to their patients but need to be cautious of the potential syringe disposal.

Veterinarians use syringes and create biohazardous medical waste like human doctors.

Tattoo Studios should use a sharps container for their needles. This includes needles that are used for body piercings. Sharps can be contaminated with blood and could present a hazard if not properly disposed of.

Needles can not be reused when giving acupuncture. They are considered sharps and must be discarded after use. Acupuncture and alternative providers also fall under the guidelines when it comes to medical sharps.

For example, if you have to remove any organs from a dead body for examination, that organ must be disposed of as medical waste.

Used needles present a risk to those who come in contact with them, as they can transmit diseases such as hepatitis and HIV. This method of disposal is important to keep first responders and officers safe.

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